Yoga: it’s not just exercise

Written by Ingrid Vennonen, UTS Bachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry) graduate From one form of exercise, how many benefits can you really reap? In today’s society, many people think of themselves as ‘time poor’ and want a product or service that will provide the maximum benefit without the added time. Yoga is one of those. Yoga is anContinue reading “Yoga: it’s not just exercise”

Avoiding compassion fatigue

By Dr Tamara Power and Carolyn Hayes The majority of students enter nursing because they are altruistic and wish to help people. However, studies have shown that through constant exposure to people’s trauma and suffering, nurses can become both physically and psychologically burnt-out and suffer compassion fatigue (Ledoux 2015). Compassion fatigue can manifest as feelingsContinue reading “Avoiding compassion fatigue”