A day in the life… as a nursing student on placement

Written by Fatima Ankoush, UTS Bachelor of Nursing student This is my typical day in the life as a UTS Nursing student on clinical placement at an older persons’ mental health ward. 6 AM: Time to get up and be ready for a busy but enjoyable day! I would start the day with some breakfast to ensure thatContinue reading “A day in the life… as a nursing student on placement”

A voice to lead: health for all

International Nurses Day is just around the corner! Around the world, people take this day to celebrate all of the wonderful care that nurses provide for patients and communities on the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. This year, the theme for International Nurses Day is “A Voice to Lead: Health forContinue reading “A voice to lead: health for all”

Celebrating our Nurse Practitioners

They’ve been working across Australia for 18 years and are the most senior clinical nurses in the nursing workforce. With the expertise to diagnose and treat people of all ages with a variety of acute and chronic health conditions, nurse practitioners can: prescribe medications design and implement therapeutic regimens order diagnostic tests and interpret theContinue reading “Celebrating our Nurse Practitioners”

Making the most of nursing in Australia

By Xue Bai – current Bachelor of Nursing student Xue is an international student from China studying to become a Registered Nurse at UTS and enjoying learning practical skills on the way. She has loads of great advice for international students who want to get involved in UTS campus life too! First up, why nursingContinue reading “Making the most of nursing in Australia”

What matters most in Palliative Care

To celebrate National Palliative Care Week, UTS Health sits down with Professor Deborah Parker, President-Elect of Palliative Care NSW, Chair of the Healthy Ageing Chapter of the Australian College of Nursing and Professor of Aged Care (Dementia) at UTS IMPACCT: Improving Palliative, Aged and Chronic Care through Clinical Research and Translation. Deborah is also co-leadContinue reading “What matters most in Palliative Care”