Making group work, work!

Written by Clare Sandy, current Bachelor of Midwifery student Group assignments are often part of your assessment schedule when studying a health degree. And why wouldn’t they be? Learning to interact with other people is pretty central to almost every health profession at the end of the day. Developing collaboration and communication skills early willContinue reading “Making group work, work!”

Going back to uni? Here are five study tips to make your life easier

Get ‘appy Back in the dark ages of undergraduate study,  you’d show up to a lecture with a handful of pens, a notebook, a box of No Doz caffeine pills and a really heavy, clunky laptop (if you had one at all). The internet also made that weird squealing dial-up sound when you connected, but thisContinue reading “Going back to uni? Here are five study tips to make your life easier”

10 must-knows for new students

UTS Health is welcoming more than 1000 new students on campus this session. Here are a few things you should know that could help in a big way – all in one handy blog! 1. Student Centres can answer your admin and enrolment questions. Chat in person at the centre in Building 10 or submit a questionContinue reading “10 must-knows for new students”

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks… Life As a Mature Age Uni Student

Written by Pip Docherty, a third year Sport and Exercise Science student at UTS At the ripe old age of 26 I finally worked out what career I wanted topursue. This didn’t involve the cameras, lights and creative aspects of themedia industry I thought it would, having focused my high schools years onmedia and communicationsContinue reading “Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks… Life As a Mature Age Uni Student”

How To Know If Midwifery Is The Career For You

Written by Rachel Lorizio, 3rd year Bachelor of Midwifery student at UTS For many of my high school years I had talked about becoming a midwife and what a valuable role I would play as a midwife in an ever-reproducing population. I was proud to dictate that a midwife is a health professional that getsContinue reading “How To Know If Midwifery Is The Career For You”

The move from TAFE to Uni

Transitioning from TAFE to university is exciting and a journey in itself – one of UTS’ nursing students Lindsay tells us his! I started at TAFE after high school in 2004 studying a Diploma of Horticulture followed by a Certificate III in Landscape Horticulture. At the same time I built up a small local landscaping business,Continue reading “The move from TAFE to Uni”