5 reasons health students need U:PASS

As U:PASS is offered in first year, it’s a great way to be reassured that everyone is a little bit scared! The U:PASS leader is a student just like you, so there’s no intimidation in the classroom.

My 5 tips for better productivity during exams

Written by Michelle Zhang, UTS Bachelor of Nursing student We all know uni exams can be a stressful time. Here are my top five tips for achieving better productivity: 1. Sleep It is crucial for memory. You need sleep prior to learning, so that you are physically and mentally ready, to absorb new knowledge andContinue reading “My 5 tips for better productivity during exams”

Making group work, work!

Written by Clare Sandy, current Bachelor of Midwifery student Group assignments are often part of your assessment schedule when studying a health degree. And why wouldn’t they be? Learning to interact with other people is pretty central to almost every health profession at the end of the day. Developing collaboration and communication skills early willContinue reading “Making group work, work!”

Going back to uni? Here are five study tips to make your life easier

Get ‘appy Back in the dark ages of undergraduate study,  you’d show up to a lecture with a handful of pens, a notebook, a box of No Doz caffeine pills and a really heavy, clunky laptop (if you had one at all). The internet also made that weird squealing dial-up sound when you connected, but thisContinue reading “Going back to uni? Here are five study tips to make your life easier”