Making the most of nursing in Australia

By Xue Bai – current Bachelor of Nursing student Xue is an international student from China studying to become a Registered Nurse at UTS and enjoying learning practical skills on the way. She has loads of great advice for international students who want to get involved in UTS campus life too! First up, why nursingContinue reading “Making the most of nursing in Australia”

How to make it through your nursing clinical placement – healthily!

Written by Ingrid Vennonen, Bachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry) graduate (2017) Placement. A tough couple of weeks each session all of us nursing students must do. Something we both look forward to, which excites us, but also kind of drains us along the way. Going out on placement and having on-the-ward training puts our theory into practiceContinue reading “How to make it through your nursing clinical placement – healthily!”

What’s it like to go on a rural clinical placement?

Last year, International Bachelor of Nursing student Simin Peng traveled to Alice Springs to complete a rural and remote clinical placement in the red centre of Australia! “It was truly an unforgettable experience. I now have more insight into Australia’s Indigenous culture and history, a greater appreciation of Aboriginal traditions, and a better understanding ofContinue reading “What’s it like to go on a rural clinical placement?”

Nursing, travel and babies

By Olivia Day – current Bachelor of Nursing student About me I was born in West Virginia, USA to a nurse (my mother) and a neurosurgeon (my father). Dad was offered a job in Wollongong, Australia, when I was around four years old, so my family made the decision to leave our little town inContinue reading “Nursing, travel and babies”

10 Things You’ll Learn on Nursing Clinical Placement

Written by Monica Guha, Bachelor of Nursing student at UTS Your first day of university was probably the mostexciting and nerve-racking day of your adult life so far… that is until you startyour first day of nursing clinical! Everything you have learned in the lecture hallsand the tutorial rooms are now going to be used to benefitContinue reading “10 Things You’ll Learn on Nursing Clinical Placement”