Learn to win without the ball

Written by Alana Leabeater, current UTS Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science / Bachelor of Arts in International Studies student “Learn to win without the ball” This is the quote emblazoned across the wall of the state-of-the-art gym at the Panthers Rugby League Academy in Penrith. Underneath the quote are glass doors that frame one ofContinue reading “Learn to win without the ball”

The pathway to professional sport: less training, more play

Written by Madelyn Lines, Faculty of Health, UTS Despite only making up 2.5% of the Australian population, Indigenous Australians account for 10-14% of the elite player population in rugby league and Australian football – there’s even enough Indigenous players to put on ‘All Star’ games with non-Indigenous players leading into the sporting season. So whatContinue reading “The pathway to professional sport: less training, more play”

How to make it in the sport and exercise industry

UTS Careers today hosted an installment of The Job Truth Series, with leaders in the sport and exercise industry as panellists. The special guests included: Dr Andrew Walshe: Director of High Performance for Red Bull (Los Angeles) Matthew Jeffriess: Strength and Conditioning Coach and Rehabilitation Coordinator for the NRL Referees (Sydney) Michael Rennie: Strength andContinue reading “How to make it in the sport and exercise industry”