What is it really like to be a Higher Degree Research student?

Written by Jessica Bayes, UTS Doctor of Philosophy (Public Health) student I originally trained as a massage and skin therapist after finishing Year 12, and loved being able to make people feel good about themselves. However, I had to reconsider my career after sustaining some injuries. Food and health had always been a passion of mine,Continue reading “What is it really like to be a Higher Degree Research student?”

Carbohydrates and Common Sense

in the Dietary Management of Diabetes By Roslyn Smith Accredited Practicing Dietitian, 18 years Senior Diabetes Dietitian, 15 years What is the right diet for diabetes? Opinions abound! Sugar-free, paleo, low GI, low carb… Week by week the media churns out the latest dietary fads, leaving the average person with diabetes very confused. In the questContinue reading “Carbohydrates and Common Sense”

Pregnancy advice: eating for two?

PREGNANCY ADVICE: eating for two? Please note that all opinions in this article are that of the author and are not representative of the views or opinions of the UTS Faculty of Health. By Rosie Gundelach The old saying, ‘eating for two’ has led us all astray when it comes to pregnancy and nutrition. There’sContinue reading “Pregnancy advice: eating for two?”