15 magical images of unborn animals in their mothers’ wombs

How amazing is this? This series, produced by Peter Chinn for National Geographic, uses 3D ultrasound scans, computer graphics and nano cameras to create breathtaking images of unborn animals in their mother’s wombs. 15 Unborn Animals In Their Mothers’ Wombs Are Simply Magical!

Welcome To The Real World. The Life of a New Grad Midwife

Written by Amanda Rehayem, a 2014 graduate of the Bachelor of Midwifery at UTS and now Registered Midwife. What is this new grad business? Throughout my 3 years as a midwifery student Ifound myself learning immensely through the incredible practical and theoretical components at the University of Technology, Sydney. Although as it turns out, nothingContinue reading “Welcome To The Real World. The Life of a New Grad Midwife”

How To Know If Midwifery Is The Career For You

Written by Rachel Lorizio, 3rd year Bachelor of Midwifery student at UTS For many of my high school years I had talked about becoming a midwife and what a valuable role I would play as a midwife in an ever-reproducing population. I was proud to dictate that a midwife is a health professional that getsContinue reading “How To Know If Midwifery Is The Career For You”

Elephant Midwifery

karamariaananda: Elephants in the wild have midwives who surround them in a circle during their labor, protecting the pregnant mother and swaying along with the laboring elephant. The elephant midwives may care for the pregnant elephants throughout their long gestation of 21-22 months, in labor, and through infancy. In labor, the elephant midwives may strokeContinue reading “Elephant Midwifery”

Art of Saving a Life

Did you know? The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – an organisation headed by Bill Gates – has commissioned over three dozen works of art from artists, writers, and film-makers across the globe to highlight the importance and effectiveness of vaccines? See The Art of Saving a Life athttp://artofsavingalife.com/