Thank you to my fellow Midwifery students

Written by Vivienne Connor, UTS Bachelor of Midwifery student As International Day of the Midwife has come and gone, I would like to thank my fellow midwifery students for all they have taught me. Through your stories, our shared experiences and imparted wisdoms, I have learned something from each of you. In our first classes, we wereContinue reading “Thank you to my fellow Midwifery students”

Defenders of Women’s Rights

Sunday 5 May is the International Day of the Midwife! On this day, we recognise the important work that is undertaken by midwives all around the world. The care and services provided by midwives to women throughout all stages of their pregnancy are truly one of a kind. The theme for International Day of the MidwifeContinue reading “Defenders of Women’s Rights”

5 tips for future student midwives

If you’re an aspiring midwifery student, believe in yourself! Final year Bachelor of Midwifery student Betty has some sage advice if you’re thinking about the midwife life. 1. Believe in yourself, be kind to yourself and take every opportunity you are given You will be amazed at the things you will learn and will beContinue reading “5 tips for future student midwives”

Continuity of care – great for women and student midwives!

Written by Betty Holland, current Bachelor of Midwifery student There has been a great deal of academic research into “continuity of care” in a midwifery context. Put simply, if you are going to have a baby, this means that the same midwife looks after you throughout your pregnancy, is there for your birth and looks afterContinue reading “Continuity of care – great for women and student midwives!”

What to do if your new grad plans don’t work out

  Written by Ingrid Vennonen, Bachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry) graduate (2017) “Have you applied for new grad?” “Did you get a new grad interview?” “Where are you doing new grad?” Reaching the end of third year, these are the questions on everyone’s mind, and to say the least, it is overwhelming and stressful when being asked atContinue reading “What to do if your new grad plans don’t work out”

How to manage your clinical portfolio for midwifery

Written by Clare Sandy, current Bachelor of Midwifery student Your portfolio – that huge document you get in 1st year and you wonder if you’ll ever complete it. If you’re not an organised person, the portfolio can be a real challenge. So here’s some tips on how to get more organised with your portfolio to makeContinue reading “How to manage your clinical portfolio for midwifery”

Tips for your first clinical placement

Written by Clare Sandy, current Bachelor of Midwifery student Your first clinical placement is a milestone in your studies – it’s exciting and scary at the same time. You may start thinking: “Will I remember what I’ve learnt in class?” “Will the staff be nice to me?” “What will I do on placement?” Here’s someContinue reading “Tips for your first clinical placement”

Reflections of a Student Midwife

Written by Betty Holland, current Bachelor of Midwifery student This Saturday, the 5th of May, is the International Day of the Midwife, a day to celebrate midwives across the world. What a magical job. What a challenging job. To guide new lives into the world. To reassure expectant mothers. To make a very real and tangible difference.Continue reading “Reflections of a Student Midwife”

Son of a midwife

By Jack Schmidt Growing up, I was surrounded by health professionals: my mother was a midwife, my father was a pharmacist and now my sister is a nurse in training, working part-time in aged care. They’re all wonderful, hard-working people – nurturing, compassionate and caring. Baby Jack Having health workers for parents has had itsContinue reading “Son of a midwife”