Making self-care in healthcare #1

Written by Betty Holland, UTS Bachelor of Midwifery graduate Coming to the end of my time as a student midwife, something I am deeply passionate about is the importance of self-care in a healthcare context. I can tell you first hand that doing a degree in nursing or midwifery is an at times very overwhelmingContinue reading “Making self-care in healthcare #1”

Burnout: when there’s no room left for self-care

By Nurse Robbie (Robbie Bedbrook) We’ve all met that one nurse that makes you think, ‘why on earth did you ever become a nurse?’. You know the one I mean; this nurse is tired all the time and gets by doing the bare minimum. Maybe she rolls her eyes every time a patient’s buzzer goesContinue reading “Burnout: when there’s no room left for self-care”

Hearing Voices

Fiona Orr Director of International Activity and Mental Health lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney Faculty of Health How did you get into mental health nursing? I was at university studying special education but when I saw an ad promoting mental health nursing training. So I decided to undertake a three year hospital-based trainingContinue reading “Hearing Voices”