Is your job causing you pain?

Written by Nikola Grayshon, Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Management graduate (2017) It’s no surprise poor posture can be a direct consequence of workplace habits. Regardless, the majority of working individuals continue to spend hours and days on end sitting in front of a computer screen. Thus there is a real need to reiterate the importanceContinue reading “Is your job causing you pain?”

A nurse’s voice to lead

An interview with Professor Christine Duffield, UTS Professor of Nursing and Health Services Management, in the Centre for Health Services Management and President of the Australian College of Nurses Since her election in late 2016, Professor Christine Duffield has been fulfilling the prestigious role of President of the Australian College of Nurses (ACN). Her leadership appointmentContinue reading “A nurse’s voice to lead”

How to make it in the sport and exercise industry

UTS Careers today hosted an installment of The Job Truth Series, with leaders in the sport and exercise industry as panellists. The special guests included: Dr Andrew Walshe: Director of High Performance for Red Bull (Los Angeles) Matthew Jeffriess: Strength and Conditioning Coach and Rehabilitation Coordinator for the NRL Referees (Sydney) Michael Rennie: Strength andContinue reading “How to make it in the sport and exercise industry”