Keeping Australia Alive – only requires men?

By Caroline Homer and Vanessa Scarf Centre for Midwifery, Child and Family Health, Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney Having worked in the Australian health system for more than 30 years we both looked forward to “Keeping Australia Alive” series on the ABC. Health care in Australia is complex with its governance and provisionContinue reading “Keeping Australia Alive – only requires men?”

Being Aboriginal is about soul, not colour

“What part are you?” My name’s Angela Phillips, I’m a Wiradjuri woman. I am a registered nurse, nursing lecturer and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Faculty Health Advisor here at UTS:Health. All my life, people would say – “You’re too white to be Aboriginal.” People would see my Dad (an Aboriginal man) and people wouldContinue reading “Being Aboriginal is about soul, not colour”

7 ways to get through uni as a wife and mum

By Isabel Stephens “How do you manage uni life with family and household responsibilities, especially with small children to look after?” This is a question I repeatedly get asked when people hear that I have returned to studying and retraining in my late 30’s. Isabel with her husband Graham, son Thomas, daughter Grace and dogContinue reading “7 ways to get through uni as a wife and mum”

Son of a midwife

By Jack Schmidt Growing up, I was surrounded by health professionals: my mother was a midwife, my father was a pharmacist and now my sister is a nurse in training, working part-time in aged care. They’re all wonderful, hard-working people – nurturing, compassionate and caring. Baby Jack Having health workers for parents has had itsContinue reading “Son of a midwife”