Why choose midwifery?

Deciding what to pursue as a profession can be a daunting experience. After all, there are so many opportunities available – making the choice is the hardest part! What if there was a career that combines passion and people, as well as dedication and reward? What if you could make a difference to the livesContinue reading “Why choose midwifery?”

How to make the most of first year when you’re studying sport and exercise

Written by Jarrod Cowley, UTS Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science graduate (2017) “Sport is a major part of my lifestyle. I can’t say I’ve regretted a single day of this course as it has furthered my knowledge and love for sport more than I would have thought possible.” Your first year of uni can beContinue reading “How to make the most of first year when you’re studying sport and exercise”

The science of sport performance analysis

Written by Alana Leabeater, current UTS Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science / Bachelor of Arts in International Studies student The sports industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world, with an increased demand for high quality staff to deliver the best results for athletes and teams. No longer does the coachContinue reading “The science of sport performance analysis”

Being Aboriginal is about soul, not colour

“What part are you?” My name’s Angela Phillips, I’m a Wiradjuri woman. I am a registered nurse, nursing lecturer and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Faculty Health Advisor here at UTS:Health. All my life, people would say – “You’re too white to be Aboriginal.” People would see my Dad (an Aboriginal man) and people wouldContinue reading “Being Aboriginal is about soul, not colour”