Tips on balancing post graduate study with other commitments

Written by Lydia Soon, Graduate of the UTS Master of Public Health Hello everyone, welcome to an important topic of postgraduate study: time management. A question that I get commonly asked is: how do I balance postgraduate study with commitments such as full-time / part time work to family and personal commitments?  In order toContinue reading “Tips on balancing post graduate study with other commitments”

Making a Global Difference in the Fight Against Cancer

Written by Andrew Donkor, UTS Doctor of Philosophy (Public Health) student My interests are cancer and radiotherapy, palliative care and end-of-life care, policy, healthcare organization and community interventions for cancer control. My research project involves efforts to improve access to cancer care, including radiotherapy services in low and middle-income countries which is challenging. Many radiotherapy initiativesContinue reading “Making a Global Difference in the Fight Against Cancer”

Learning in a Postgraduate Degree

Written by Lydia Soon, UTS Master of Public Health graduate Hello and welcome to another blog on what happens during a postgraduate class and some helpful learning tips from my experience with the Master of Public Health. MY CLASS EXPERIENCE Postgraduate classes are structured differently to undergraduate classes as they often run in block sessions.Continue reading “Learning in a Postgraduate Degree”