7 ways to get through uni as a wife and mum

By Isabel Stephens “How do you manage uni life with family and household responsibilities, especially with small children to look after?” This is a question I repeatedly get asked when people hear that I have returned to studying and retraining in my late 30’s. Isabel with her husband Graham, son Thomas, daughter Grace and dogContinue reading “7 ways to get through uni as a wife and mum”

How to Ace Your New Grad Nursing Interview

Written by Irene Luu, graduate of the Bachelor of Nursing at UTS and now Registered Nurse. Everything has lead up to this…. 100 points of ID? Check. Vaccination card? Up to date. Police check? Got my photocopies. Passport sized photos? In the plastic sleeve. I’m all good to go right? But wait- what if theyContinue reading “How to Ace Your New Grad Nursing Interview”

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks… Life As a Mature Age Uni Student

Written by Pip Docherty, a third year Sport and Exercise Science student at UTS At the ripe old age of 26 I finally worked out what career I wanted topursue. This didn’t involve the cameras, lights and creative aspects of themedia industry I thought it would, having focused my high schools years onmedia and communicationsContinue reading “Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks… Life As a Mature Age Uni Student”

10 Things You’ll Learn on Nursing Clinical Placement

Written by Monica Guha, Bachelor of Nursing student at UTS Your first day of university was probably the mostexciting and nerve-racking day of your adult life so far… that is until you startyour first day of nursing clinical! Everything you have learned in the lecture hallsand the tutorial rooms are now going to be used to benefitContinue reading “10 Things You’ll Learn on Nursing Clinical Placement”

Art of Saving a Life

Did you know? The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – an organisation headed by Bill Gates – has commissioned over three dozen works of art from artists, writers, and film-makers across the globe to highlight the importance and effectiveness of vaccines? See The Art of Saving a Life athttp://artofsavingalife.com/

The move from TAFE to Uni

Transitioning from TAFE to university is exciting and a journey in itself – one of UTS’ nursing students Lindsay tells us his! I started at TAFE after high school in 2004 studying a Diploma of Horticulture followed by a Certificate III in Landscape Horticulture. At the same time I built up a small local landscaping business,Continue reading “The move from TAFE to Uni”