Hearing Voices

Fiona Orr Director of International Activity and Mental Health lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney Faculty of Health How did you get into mental health nursing? I was at university studying special education but when I saw an ad promoting mental health nursing training. So I decided to undertake a three year hospital-based trainingContinue reading “Hearing Voices”

Heparin, pigs and vampire bats: What are you really administering?

By Dr Tamara Power, Director of Health Simulation at the UTS Faculty of Health Photo: Anna Zhu The next time you are out on clinical placement, pick up a vial of Heparin Sodium Injection and have a good look at it. Heparin is an anticoagulant, used (among other things) for prophylaxis (prevention) and treatment ofContinue reading “Heparin, pigs and vampire bats: What are you really administering?”

Avoiding compassion fatigue

By Dr Tamara Power and Carolyn Hayes The majority of students enter nursing because they are altruistic and wish to help people. However, studies have shown that through constant exposure to people’s trauma and suffering, nurses can become both physically and psychologically burnt-out and suffer compassion fatigue (Ledoux 2015). Compassion fatigue can manifest as feelingsContinue reading “Avoiding compassion fatigue”

Nursing, midwifery, or both?

UTS has a range of Health degrees on offer and, for many, choosing one can be a difficult decision. What’s the difference? – The role of a nurse is to provide care for patients in a variety of healthcare settings. Nurses care for those who are unwell or going through an adverse stage in their lifeContinue reading “Nursing, midwifery, or both?”

Keeping Australia Alive – only requires men?

By Caroline Homer and Vanessa Scarf Centre for Midwifery, Child and Family Health, Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney Having worked in the Australian health system for more than 30 years we both looked forward to “Keeping Australia Alive” series on the ABC. Health care in Australia is complex with its governance and provisionContinue reading “Keeping Australia Alive – only requires men?”

Being Aboriginal is about soul, not colour

“What part are you?” My name’s Angela Phillips, I’m a Wiradjuri woman. I am a registered nurse, nursing lecturer and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Faculty Health Advisor here at UTS:Health. All my life, people would say – “You’re too white to be Aboriginal.” People would see my Dad (an Aboriginal man) and people wouldContinue reading “Being Aboriginal is about soul, not colour”

Nurses: A force for change

The following has been summarised from the International Council of Nurses’ (ICN) International Nurses Day 2016 Kit.  International Nurses Day (IND) is celebrated on May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. Each year the IND provides a comprehensive examination of how nurses can contribute to the annual focus (the theme). This year, the theme isContinue reading “Nurses: A force for change”

A line of defence

Cristy Rowe is a UTS Bachelor of Nursing alumna. Cristy worked full time in the Australian Army for four years. She is currently a Reserve Nursing Officer and is in her third year of studying medicine.   Was working in the Army Reserves something you have always wanted to do? How did it come about?Continue reading “A line of defence”

And so, avenge the nurses!

By Paul Ashton Professor of Public History at the University of Technology Sydney Where it all began For as long as humans have been going to war, nurses have been too, caring for the sick and wounded in oft-abhorrent conditions. Bob Whitmore’s depiction of hospital ship the ‘Centaur’ being attacked by the Japanese off theContinue reading “And so, avenge the nurses!”