What matters most in Palliative Care

To celebrate National Palliative Care Week, UTS Health sits down with Professor Deborah Parker, President-Elect of Palliative Care NSW, Chair of the Healthy Ageing Chapter of the Australian College of Nursing and Professor of Aged Care (Dementia) at UTS IMPACCT: Improving Palliative, Aged and Chronic Care through Clinical Research and Translation. Deborah is also co-leadContinue reading “What matters most in Palliative Care”

Tips for your first clinical placement

Written by Clare Sandy, current Bachelor of Midwifery student Your first clinical placement is a milestone in your studies – it’s exciting and scary at the same time. You may start thinking: “Will I remember what I’ve learnt in class?” “Will the staff be nice to me?” “What will I do on placement?” Here’s someContinue reading “Tips for your first clinical placement”

Burnout: when there’s no room left for self-care

By Nurse Robbie (Robbie Bedbrook) We’ve all met that one nurse that makes you think, ‘why on earth did you ever become a nurse?’. You know the one I mean; this nurse is tired all the time and gets by doing the bare minimum. Maybe she rolls her eyes every time a patient’s buzzer goesContinue reading “Burnout: when there’s no room left for self-care”

How to make it through your nursing clinical placement – healthily!

Written by Ingrid Vennonen, Bachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry) graduate (2017) Placement. A tough couple of weeks each session all of us nursing students must do. Something we both look forward to, which excites us, but also kind of drains us along the way. Going out on placement and having on-the-ward training puts our theory into practiceContinue reading “How to make it through your nursing clinical placement – healthily!”

Meet the Nurse of the Year

Did you know the Nurse of the Year is right here at UTS? Judy Smith, UTS nursing lecturer and perioperative nursing coordinator, has been awarded ‘Nurse of the Year’ at the Australian Healthcare Week Excellence Awards! This award recognises Australia and New Zealand’s most outstanding nurses who’ve demonstrated exceptional performance in patient care, education, leadership, research andContinue reading “Meet the Nurse of the Year”

A World Beyond the Wards: Community and Primary Health Nursing

By Robbie Bedbrook  When you’re training to be a nurse it’s hard to imagine life outside the four walls of the hospital. Almost all of your practical placements are on the wards and so many of your classes are assessing your skills and dedication to hospital-based nursing. And why not? The majority of nurses doContinue reading “A World Beyond the Wards: Community and Primary Health Nursing”

A nurse’s voice to lead

An interview with Professor Christine Duffield, UTS Professor of Nursing and Health Services Management, in the Centre for Health Services Management and President of the Australian College of Nurses Since her election in late 2016, Professor Christine Duffield has been fulfilling the prestigious role of President of the Australian College of Nurses (ACN). Her leadership appointmentContinue reading “A nurse’s voice to lead”

What’s it like to go on a rural clinical placement?

Last year, International Bachelor of Nursing student Simin Peng traveled to Alice Springs to complete a rural and remote clinical placement in the red centre of Australia! “It was truly an unforgettable experience. I now have more insight into Australia’s Indigenous culture and history, a greater appreciation of Aboriginal traditions, and a better understanding ofContinue reading “What’s it like to go on a rural clinical placement?”

Nursing, travel and babies

By Olivia Day – current Bachelor of Nursing student About me I was born in West Virginia, USA to a nurse (my mother) and a neurosurgeon (my father). Dad was offered a job in Wollongong, Australia, when I was around four years old, so my family made the decision to leave our little town inContinue reading “Nursing, travel and babies”

Carbohydrates and Common Sense

in the Dietary Management of Diabetes By Roslyn Smith Accredited Practicing Dietitian, 18 years Senior Diabetes Dietitian, 15 years What is the right diet for diabetes? Opinions abound! Sugar-free, paleo, low GI, low carb… Week by week the media churns out the latest dietary fads, leaving the average person with diabetes very confused. In the questContinue reading “Carbohydrates and Common Sense”