Midwifery students

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How about:

What high school subjects would be helpful to take in high school to become a midwife?
Why I decided to become a midwife
How you got into midwifery
What’s it like on the maternity ward?
How often do you go into uni or the hospital?
What are some must haves to buy before starting?
Your first year experience: your first placement, what to expect, how to prepare
What’s in your midwifery class/placement/work bag?
10 things you’ll need as a midwifery student
Tips for clinical placement
Tips for your first clinical placement as a midwifery student
Tips for building conversational skills with mothers and families
Top 10 study tips for midwifery students
Tips for taking notes and keeping organised
What are some examples of essay and assignment themes you do?
What kind of homework and assignments do you do as a midwifery student?
Tips on remembering lots of anatomy information
What medical skills are used in midwifery?
Tips for learning all the information you need to know as a midwife
Thoughts and advice on becoming an Assistant in Midwifery (AIM)
How to keep on top of studying and practice, while keeping the balance
Advice for managing your midwifery portfolio (professional experience portfolio)
How does studying midwifery impact your social life? Do you go out often or are you usually busy/tired?
Coping with the stress of being a midwifery student
Highs and lows of being a midwifery student
My top fears as a nursing midwife
Tips and strategies for dealing with bereavement and difficult moments as midwifery student
How have you learned to desensitise yourself?
What qualities does a person need to make a good midwife?
Is there a creative side to midwifery?

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