Midwifery graduates

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How about:

Why I decided to become a midwife
How you got into midwifery
What qualities does a person need to make a good midwife?
What to study to get into midwifery
How long did it take you to find a job after graduating and how did you go about it?
Top tips for new graduate midwives
Thoughts and advice on becoming an Assistant in Midwifery (AIM)
Tips for learning all the information you need to know as a midwife
What’s it like on the maternity ward?
A day in the life of a registered midwife on the maternity ward
How did you get used to your daily tasks as a midwife?
Doing shift work as a midwife
10 tips for working night shifts
Working at a metro vs. rural hospital / public vs. private hospital / big vs. small hospital
Medical skills used in midwifery
Tips for building conversational skills with mothers and families
Tips and strategies for dealing with bereavement and difficult moments as midwife
How have you learned to desensitise yourself?
How do you keep your stress levels down as a midwife?
What’s your life like outside of midwifery?
Is there a creative side to midwifery?

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