4 things I wish I knew before studying Nursing

Written by David Ada and Kavya Reji, UTS Nursing students

University isn’t always what you expect, and the reality can surprise you in the best (and sometimes not ideal) ways! We asked two of our Nursing student ambassadors about what they wished they knew before studying Nursing.

Clinical placements are a huge part of the degree!

“Apply the skills and theory you have learnt from your tutorials and practical labs to your clinical placements.

As part of the Bachelor of Nursing degree, UTS provides 840 hours of clinical placement in public hospitals, private hospitals, and not-for-profit organisations. Clinical placements allow you to immerse yourself into the real world of what it’s like working as a nurse, as well as interacting with patients and staff from multidisciplinary teams.” – Kavya Reji

“Try to get your driver’s licence ASAP so you can attend afternoon placements, as there are sometimes no public transport options available when you finish!

When you are on placement, you will be standing 90% of the time. Make sure that you are comfortable on your feet, so invest in boujee shoes like Dr. Scholl’s or New Balances!” – David Ada

Ensure your documentations and vaccinations are up to date!

“Nursing is a practical-heavy subject, and sometimes uploading your documents for placement can take weeks. Ensure you are booking appointments with your GP to check if you’re due for a Hep B booster shot or your annual flu vaccine booster shot!” – David Ada

Image by Unsplash

Make use of the Clinical Practice Labs

“If you need to brush up on any clinical skills, the Clinical Practice Lab have you covered on mastering anything from administering medication, to conducting respiratory assessments, to practicing using a sphygmomanometer. Practice makes perfect, and there’s always clinical staff to guide you if you ever find yourself stuck.” – Kavya Reji

Join clubs and societies

“Want to connect with your peers? Join the Nursing and Midwifery Society (NaMSoc) and meet your Nursing and Midwifery peers! NaMSoc hosts various events from Welcome Drinks to the annual NaMSoc Ball, as well as free Nursing and Midwifery related seminars. NaMSoc offers various networking opportunities, and you’ll certainly make some lifelong friends.” – Kavya Reji

Learn more about studying Nursing at UTS.

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