3 common myths about Exercise Science

Written by Tijana Sharp, UTS Bachelor of Sport and Exercise student

We often find people make assumptions about Exercise Science, and it’s time to quash some of those myths! Here are some of the top incorrect myths about Sport and Exercise Science:

1. Exercise scientists do the same job as personal trainers

Exercise Scientists have a University Bachelor’s degree, while personal trainers hold a Certificate III and/or IV in Fitness. While much of their knowledge might overlap, Exercise Scientists are equipped which more specific knowledge about the physiology of exercise and movement.

2. Exercise scientists only work with professional sporting teams

While there are many opportunities to work with professional sporting teams, the space for work with healthy populations as an exercise scientist is also huge! In this role you are able to assess, prescribe and deliver exercise programs to support general health and wellbeing. Helping people achieve their optimum health can be such as rewarding career!

3. Exercise science doesn’t lead you anywhere

It is quite the opposite! A degree like Sport and Exercise Science creates endless pathways in terms of careers and further study. Careers include work in professional sport and the health and fitness industry, as well as many pathways into further study, including the Master of Physiotherapy at UTS!

Find out more about Sport and Exercise at UTS

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