5 questions with a Midwifery student

Written by Hannah Nouri, UTS Bachelor of Midwifery student

1) What is it like studying a Bachelor of Midwifery at UTS?

Midwifery is a passionate course. When studying midwifery, you get to know the ins and outs of the mechanics of birth, and all of the science around it.

You also really get to learn and solidify your clinical skills, especially in placement, that ensure you provide the best possible care.

Finally, you learn the social justice issues that surround midwifery and birth. It is such a great privilege to be able to make a positive impact on a woman and child’s life going forward, and you can’t be a midwife without being a feminist!

2) How did you research your current degree?

Like lots of people, in year 12 I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do when I got to uni. I knew my areas of interest, I particularly liked science, maths, and legal studies in school.

Naturally I felt inclined to something in the medical field, where I could combine the scientific and clinical knowledge, with skills and application in justice. Which is how I landed on midwifery!

What really made me decide to go here and gave me the greatest insight into UTS and other unis, was events like Open Day and Info Sessions. If you’re not sure where you want to go or what to study, I’d suggest checking out the UTS website for any events happening soon.

3) How did you find the transition to uni? Did you go to orientation or use any support services?

Before I came to UTS I did a gap year program called Year 13, where I studied a Certificate in Theology. I think that this helped me immensely in transitioning to uni, as it allowed me to get used to the skills needed for studying and collaborating with other students.

However, I would say that uni is much easier than the HSC in terms of study load. You’re only in classes for around 12 hours a week, depending on your course, compared to ~40… and you’re hopefully doing something that you love!

Orientation is a really great way to get to know the uni and the services available to you, and your lecturers will help transition you in first year to the study pattern and lifestyle at UTS. I’ve used almost every support service at UTS and can 100% recommend them: they’re there to help you (and they’re free!).

4) What’s the best thing about studying Midwifery at UTS?

The best thing about studying midwifery at UTS is the incredible community you develop with your peers. It is always so refreshing to come back from placement and be able to share and reflect on your stories/experiences with like-minded students and staff who care so passionately about caring for women in pregnancy.

There is never a dull moment in midwifery, and I have never had any trouble working in groups because people are so genuine and caring!

5) What advice would you give to students considering studying Midwifery?

If you are considering midwifery, make sure that it is really what you want to do. For the next 3 years it will be all that you do, and when you graduate, you will only be qualified to practice as a midwife.

Midwifery doesn’t offer the flexibility of other courses, but what it lacks there it makes up for in the wonderful nature of the course.

Find out more about studying Midwifery at UTS.

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