Shifting from Nursing to Public Health

Written by Kavya Reji, UTS Master of Public Health student

As a recent Nursing graduate and a current Master of Public Health student, I have always been passionate about making a difference in the lives of patients as well as helping the broader community.

The immersion of hands-on experience and clinical placements provided through the Bachelor of Nursing degree ignited my interest towards community health.

Even through the insightful nursing knowledge and experience gained from my undergraduate degree, this paved my passion for empowering communities and enhancing healthcare solutions on a population level.

This led me to the Master of Public Health where I felt this degree was a perfect opportunity to hone my health promotion, health policy, epidemiology, and data entry skills.

I found that applying my nursing knowledge was highly beneficial to the Master of Public Health degree especially with delving further into specific diseases, health promotion programs and researching various populations.

The Master of Public Health at UTS offered as a part-time load, suited well with my ongoing work schedule.

The degree is delivered fully online, and I found that with effective time management skills, the content and assessments are easily manageable.

There are also many helpful people from Subject Coordinators to Student Success Advisors who are very supportive and readily available with providing academic support and course progression assistance, so you are never left on your own.

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