5 tips for studying online

Written by Tijana Sharp, UTS Bachelor of Sport and Exercise student

Studying online may be convenient but can present its own challenges, with constant distractions, spotty connections and Zoom fatigue being on the top of a long list of struggles. Fortunately, there’s some things you can do to make it better!

Here’s my top 5 tips for studying online:

1. Create a routine

I find creating a daily and even weekly routine keeps me on track and helps me avoid the distractions of my phone, snacks, and TV. If I keep my diary close by, I am often much more accountable and productive.

2. Take breaks – find your 30!

Take breaks, stand up, get moving! Being a sport and exercise science student, this has become a habit of mine that I am extra conscious about while studying and working from home.

I try to stand once an hour and get at least 30 mins of activity in each day as per the physical activity guidelines!

3. Stay hydrated

It is so easy to forget to hydrate, but this is so important for our health and brain function. I keep a bottle close by, and I use filling it up as a cheeky break from the desk too!

4. Change it up!

Staring into a screen all day from the one chair can get so boring! I try to make sure I move around during the day, even if I take my laptop with me. Some of my favourite tips are to create a standing desk or move outside for some time to make sure you get your daily dose of vitamin D!

5. Create a nice space with natural light

Clear desk = clear mind, right? This tip has been so valuable to me throughout my studies. It makes it so much easier to concentrate without the distraction of a mess; and natural light provides clarity and can be refreshing. 

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