5 questions about studying nursing… with Joshua!

Written by Joshua del Prado, UTS Bachelor of Nursing student

1. What inspired you to study nursing?

I have a passion in helping other people and studying the Bachelor of Nursing will allow me to do this permanently as a lifestyle. The job stability of a nurse and the potential to help those who are in need were all I wanted from a job.

2. What are your career plans or goals?

My goal is to become a registered nurse and work my way into a nurse educator. This is because the nurse educator responsibility is to help the nurses help other people, thus, I would be the helper of the helping!

3. What’s it like to be a student at UTS?

With free food and the abundance of study space, UTS makes their students feel welcomed and supported. As a UTS student, there are many clubs and societies to join and increase your social life as well as many support services like UTS HELPS which ‘helps’ you in your assessments.

4. What’s been your favourite subject so far?

My favourite subject so far would be health and homeostasis 1 and 2. These are the human anatomy subjects for first year. I loved the subjects because we were able to dissect and inspect real sheep lungs, hearts, liver and even their brains! It was very immersive and made me understand how the body communicates to its organs.

5. What’s your best advice for managing your work, study and social commitments in this degree?

Have a routine! After you make your class timetable, I would suggest you also make a rigid timetable in Google calendar consisting of your key responsibilities, such as work commitments, dedicated study times, gym times and social outings.

This timetable should not be followed to the dot but it should be a guide to tell you how much time you have dedicated today to study. This is how I personally managed my studies and social life. Having a routine is super handy to plan for the future as well as the present.

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