5 ways to stay motivated in nursing school

Written by Ariel Symon, UTS Bachelor of Nursing student

It’s a new year at uni and it’s time to refocus and get motivated again. Here are my five quick top tips:

1. Keep a diary/wall planner

Seeing your schedule planned visually out really helps to keep on top of upcoming assessments.

2. Break tasks up

Splitting up an assignment into small components can help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by big assignments.

3. Set small goals with certain times to achieve them

Something like “I’ll finish up section 1 by midday, then I can have a break.”

4. Keep active

Exercise can help break up study sessions and keeps you moving.

5. Know your “WHY”

Refocus on what your future goals are – ask yourself where do you want to be at the end of your degree? In 5 years time?

Find out more about studying health at UTS

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