5 reasons health students need U:PASS

Written by Tijana Sharp (UTS Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science graduate) and Jesse Maugeri (UTS Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Management graduate)

U:PASS. It’s an extra hour of free university study that is scheduled around the times of your classes on campus to make it easier for you to engage with your program.

Here are 5 reasons for you to get involved:

1. To meet people!

The interactive style classes, promote group work and chatting with your class mates. You’ll get to know everyone and even make friends!

“I met some of my now closest uni friends in U:PASS classes, all the way back in first year.” – Tijana

“It’s a great way to meet friends on campus who have similar interests to you.” – Jesse

2. To help with the transition into uni

As U:PASS is offered in first year, it’s a great way to be reassured that everyone is a little bit scared! The U:PASS leader is a student just like you, so there’s no intimidation in the classroom.

You get to learn from a student who has performed exceptionally well in the subject, who can then pass on some tips and tricks for doing well in terms of study techniques and exam preparation.

3. To gain confidence speaking and communicating in groups

This is SUCH an important aspect of uni, and U:PASS provides an encouraging and safe space to develop these skills.

4. You learn more about uni life!

Having the wisdom of an older student and the insight of your classmates will open your eyes to the many wonderful opportunities uni has to offer. You’ll hear about club events, job opportunities, UTS Sport and so much more.

5. To do more than just PASS!

The sessions provide great study material and mock mid-semester/practical exams to help prepare you. It’s also an extra opportunity to learn and engage with the models that are used in class and in your practical exams (if applicable).

Going to U:PASS will help you understand the study hacks of the subject and help you to succeed! It will help develop study skills to last throughout uni.

Find out more about studying health at UTS

U:PASS is a student learning program designed to assist students who are studying subjects that are perceived as difficult or that historically have a high failure rate. It’s a part of HELPS, which provides English and academic support to all UTS students. 

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