5 questions about studying nursing… with Fin!

Written by Finbar McCaughan, UTS Bachelor of Nursing student

1. What inspired you to study nursing?

I wanted to do nursing because I had a passion and purpose for it! I had the privilege of caring for my grandmother in the final years of her life and found great joy in caring for her needs. So, I decided to pursue a career that would fulfil this joy, and it was nursing!

I later found that whilst on my placements, the skills I learned in nursing school were super relevant to my placement! I loved linking the pathophysiology to my patients’ conditions and seeing how my care made a difference for them!

2. What are your career goals?

Firstly, I want to ensure I am a safe and very efficient nurse. Once I have accomplished that, I would like to take up more senior nursing roles, and eventually would want to become a nurse consultant in end of life care!

3. What’s it like to be a student at UTS?

Life is busy but really good! The facilities available make nursing so much easier to grasp! The staff are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and are experienced! I have found that I have been well supported to enter into my first year of working as a Registered Nurse next year!

4. What’s been your favourite subject so far?

Definitely the clinical and science-based subjects! They are the most relevant – particularly Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 1 and 2. These subjects have given me a thorough knowledge base in learning many of the conditions and medication treatments I will see when working as a nurse.

5. What’s your best advice for managing your work, study, and social commitments in this degree?

Always do the pre-work for each subject! I have found that when I do the pre-work my knowledge of the content surpasses most of my peers and it helps me to maintain very good marks!

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