5 benefits of studying a double degree

Alana Leabeater HEA

Written by Alana Leabeater, UTS Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (Graduate)

I recently completed my combined Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science / Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and had such a great experience. Here are my 5 top benefits of studying a double degree.

1. Mixing two degrees keeps study engaging and challenging

In studying two completely different degrees, I found that I very rarely got bored and I was always busy with different types of tasks. Walking into my Spanish language classes after a full day of science tutorials was a good change, and the different styles of teaching and new classmates kept study interesting and fun for me. While I could get bogged down in long essays or practical exams for my science degree, for International Studies we always had videos or presentations to do which stimulated me and kept me engaged in study.

2. International Studies offers you an unrivalled opportunity to travel the world while you’re still studying

I could not recommend this more – go forth and travel! Even better, do it while you’re studying and learn lifelong skills like problem solving, foreign language skills, confidence, independence and resilience. My year abroad was equal parts challenging and invigorating, and I am reminded of it almost every day. I made friends from around the world, travelled a large part of South and Central America, and learnt a new language while I was at it. It is so lucky to be able to say this was part of my university study, and that we were financially supported in our year abroad.

3. A double degree gives you a point of difference to other graduates

Sport & Exercise Science degrees are very popular and competitive in Australia right now, but a double degree is not so common. I have found current & prospective employers are always interested in why I did the double degree and what it was like to live and study abroad. This brings to mind the idea of ‘social capital’ – the assets you bring to, for example, a job interview, that aren’t your qualifications or previous job experience. Doing the double degree has given me some diverse examples of social capital that I believe make me different to other graduates.

4. The prospect of a year abroad to travel (if you study International Studies) gives you something to look forward to!

While the idea of a five year degree may seem daunting, knowing that you get a whole year overseas in fourth year gives you something to look forward to. It was a good break in both my professional and personal life, and when I came home I felt refreshed and ready to do my final year at UTS.

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5. Having a diverse range of skills and study areas opens up a number of potential jobs for graduates

Whether you do International Studies, Creative Intelligence & Innovation or another combined degree, you graduate with both a professional degree and a degree in a more niche area of study. When I first graduated, I was sure I would use my Sport & Exercise Science degree more for my desired career path; but now I am investigating options in International Relations and exploring the potential of using my other degree.

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