5 questions about studying sport and exercise… with Brandon!

Written by Brandon Egan-Walters, UTS Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Management student

1. What inspired you to study sport and exercise?

Coming from a background in rugby league, I have always been drawn to performance and sport and exercise as a whole.  Additionally, from my experience as a manager in the retail industry, I began to learn and value the importance of business and managerial practices.  Ultimately, I wanted to find a course in which I could learn to build upon and develop both my exercise science skills and my business skills and found no better place than right in the middle of the sporting heartland at Moore Park.

2. What are your career plans or goals?

After finishing my Sport and Exercise Management degree at the end of 2020, I hope to be a successful applicant in the UTS Masters of Physiotherapy course (fingers crossed!).  I believe that my undergraduate degree has provided me with theoretical skills and practical experience of working in the real-life high-performance setting whilst creating the unique opportunity to further enhance my knowledge and practical skills in the dynamically changing professional sporting environment.

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3. What’s it like to be a student at UTS?

Being a student at UTS is a unique experience.  Not only are you exposed to academics who are at the top of their field, but you also get to apply your theoretical skills into a high-performance practical application in world-class facilities at Moore Park.  Not only are you are given the unique opportunity to gain a real-life taste of the sporting industry, but you also can meet a range of new people who share the same passions and interest as you do!

4. What’s been your favourite subject so far?

It’s hard to pick, every subject is unique in their own way!  But I would have to choose between Motor Learning and Control, or Exercise Rehabilitation.   Both these subjects were extremely hands-on and allowed me to apply my interests and theoretical skills into real-world and realistic situations alongside academics who are experts in their fields.   The opportunity to work and learn alongside these experts has allowed me to further enhance my knowledge and transferable skills in which I can take into my future career.

5. What’s your best advice for managing your work, study and social commitments in this degree?

What has really helped me through my studies is writing out my planned tasks and goals for the day and crossing them off as I go.  I find that if I can visualise what I want to achieve for the day, I feel motivated to buckle down and complete my tasks.  I also think making sure you look after your health too.  Whether it having lunch with your friends or spending time with the family – just the small break allows you to focus on your own health and give you the extra drive to smash out your study tasks.

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