My 5 ways to keep motivated when studying online

Written by Jessica Carrera-Peakman, UTS Bachelor of Nursing (Accelerated: Enrolled Nurse) student

Here are my five top tips for staying motivated while studying online at uni:

1. Have a dedicated work space

Ensure you have a workspace set up in your home where you can do your uni assignments or studying. This will allow you to focus and concentrate on the task you need to complete. Alternatively, go to the library and find a quiet space. It will motivate you to get as much done as possible while you are there.

2. Set up a timetable

Set up a calendar with all your university assignments, quizzes, time allocated to study, exams dates etc. so you can anticipate and plan ahead. Also add in work commitments and family outings and events. This way you can track and plan time for all activities and are not caught out at the last minute.

3. Don’t procrastinate

Get rid of any distractions and set up a clear plan of what you need to achieve in that session or block of time you allocate to your assignment or study. Pick a time of day where you are most alert. Set yourself deadlines for each topic or session.

4. Break down your assignment or studying into smaller chunks

I’ve found that I tend to procrastinate so I tend to limit things to 30 mins blocks. For 30 mins I work on my assignment then do 30 mins of housework or have a break or have something to eat. This seems to work for me and helps me stay focused and motivated.

5. Try different approaches to studying and assignment completion and see which ones work for you

Try every and any method as you will find one that suits you and your way of learning best.

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