5 questions about studying sport and exercise… with Tijana!

Written by Tijana Sharp, UTS Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science student

1. Why did you choose to study sport and exercise at UTS?

I chose to study Sport and Exercise at UTS for the Moore Park campus. There was something about being tucked away from the rest of UTS, in a sporting hub in Sydney that really spoke to me. It seemed more intimate and nurturing which is something I really thrive on. And the building is just stunning too!

2. Is there any info about uni or your career path that you wish you knew more about when you were back still choosing your degree?

I wish I knew more about the facilities we have access to, as the degree progresses! Of course I was excited regardless of what would come in the years of the degree, but had I have known the extent of technology and opportunities at our fingertips I would have been even more enthusiastic to select this degree and start my journey at uni.

3. What practical experience have you gained throughout your degree?

I am currently completing my Practicum subject as part of my final year of study. This is at an exercise physiology and pilates studio and has been so much fun and valuable to my practical learning.

I get to work one on one with clients and assess, prescribe and deliver various exercise programs to suit their health and fitness goals. I’ve loved the experience so far, particularly the exposure to clients from such vast backgrounds, from teenagers to the elderly. It has been so rewarding being able to help them achieve their movement goals, while promoting the ethos that exercise is medicine!

4. What is the social life like at UTS?

Social life at UTS is great! At Moore Park especially the students are all quite close and it almost feels like school, as you get to know everyone so well. I’m not in any clubs, but I do run U:PASS sessions, and it is clear that engaging in extra-curriculars like this is a great way to make friends and keep in the loop with what is going on!

5. What has been a highlight of your time at UTS?

The last 6 weeks of my final semester have been so stressful but so exciting at the same time. It’s been great watching my classmates decide their paths for the coming year, go out on placement and start applications. The reward of being so close to the finish line, with such supportive people is an absolute highlight.

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