Advice to my younger self

Natalie Govind

Natalie Govind is a Lecturer in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Technology Sydney.  A passionate researcher and educator, Natalie has received numerous awards for her contribution to teaching and learning.

In this blog, Natalie shares her advice on how to stay passionate about nursing, and reflects on how this profession has changed her. 

How have you kept your passion for nursing strong?

By staying connected to one’s sense of self! When you are connected to your sense of self, your passions are available to fuel your purpose. And my aim is to educate and inspire the future nursing workforce.

Every day, I remind myself that I have the privilege of sharing my passion for nursing through my teaching and this brings me such joy.

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Students keep my passion for nursing strong and I hope that I am creating meaningful memories that last with students well into their careers.

My passion for nursing is also fuelled through staying connected to my nursing colleagues as it reminds me that we are part of a global network of caring scientists and intelligent minds.

How do you think nursing has changed you?

Nursing has shaped who I am by teaching me the following lessons:

  • Every person has a story and a lesson to teach me.
  • There is a science to caring and nurses are the experts.
  • Nurses are intelligent forward thinking health professionals.
  • Humour is a powerful antidote for stress.
  • The importance of finding your kindred spirits.
  • I am comfortable with communicating in silence.
  • The significant power of touch cannot be refuted.
  • International roast is not coffee but can be a useful substitution on nightshift.
  • Practice humility when you know you are right.

Advice to my younger self - Image 2

Looking back on your experiences, what is something you would like to tell your younger self about nursing?

I would tell myself to:

  • Be brave and find your voice.
  • Practice with humility.
  • Take every opportunity.
  • You know more than you think you do!
  • You will never believe that you will be a nurse educator in the future!
  • Be the difference you know you can be.
  • Get a seat at the table. Be part of the direction of healthcare.

Finally: Some days are hard, some days are remarkable, all days are a privilege.

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3 thoughts on “Advice to my younger self

  1. Great info here Nat; well said; I love & admire your passion.
    Your students are so lucky to have you; keep up the good work.


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