Your questions answered: Public Health

Lydia Soon_HEA

Written by Lydia Soon, UTS Master of Public Health graduate

Public Health is defined as “the art of science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organised efforts of society”1.

Have you ever wanted to know what studying a Master of Public Health is really like?

In this blog, I’ll be answering some commonly asked questions for those who are considering studying public health at UTS. As a recent graduate from the Master of Public Health, I’ve experienced all this course has to offer, so keep reading if you want to learn more!

Why did I choose to study public health?

After working several years in a hospital administrative clerical capacity, I knew that I wanted a career change. I was interested in studying a degree where people feel empowered to make decisions to improve their health. Furthermore, a friend of mine studied the same degree, which also influenced my decision to study public health.

Why UTS?

I found the structure of the Master of Public Health at UTS more suited to my full-time working schedule. There are currently both online and face to face subjects, with most classes now being shifted online. For face-to-face classes, this could be several days per semester where you come to campus, depending on the subjects offered.

Public Health 1

What are some possible career pathways?

The degree itself is very flexible so you can choose subjects that tailor to your interests. You could work in not-for-profit organisations, universities, non-government organisations, government bodies to organisations in the private sector.

Career pathways are limitless; from health promotion and education to policy development and health policy, epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, health data and research, public health emergency response… The list goes on!

How did you balance study with work commitments?

I completed the degree part-time whilst also working full-time. A lot of studying success in a postgraduate degree comes down your time management skills. I made sure to prioritise and schedule time to finish assessments and other coursework.

I want to do a professional placement while studying. Is this possible?

There is a professional placement subject offered in this degree. I myself have completed a professional placement at WHO Collaborating Centre Nursing Midwifery and Health Development at UTS.

Photo courtesy of WHO CC UTS

What math level would I require for the degree?

A basic level of math (high school math) would be enough for this degree, as the math-based subjects taught in this degree level are taught at a foundational level.

What areas of public health interest you?

The areas that I am interested in and aspire towards are health promotion and education, policy and research.

Any tips?

I’d say go for the opportunity to study this degree! You will be exposed to different public health areas and you’ll be surprised to discover a whole range of subjects and career options! If there is a lecturer who specialises in a field of interest, don’t be afraid to approach them!

All I can say is good luck!

Find out more about Public Health at UTS

Interested in finding out more? Join us for our upcoming virtual info session on Public Health!


1 Nutbeam, D. 1998, Health Promotion Glossary, WHO/HPR/HEP/98.1, World Health Organisation, viewed April 2020, <>.

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