How my passion for dancing aligns with my career in nursing

Regine - Circle 128x128pxWritten by Regine Lapuz, UTS Bachelor of Nursing student

All my life, I have had my heart in one passion, and that is dancing.

I am experienced in various types of dance, ranging from hip-hop, liturgical dance, modern, and other styles.

It wasn’t until the end of the first year of my degree that I finally realised why I was drawn to nursing – and that’s because dancing and nursing are remarkably similar.

Similar to dance, the nursing profession places a high value on performance.

I spend an ample amount of time in simulation labs learning and perfecting clinical skills from starting an IV line, setting up a nasogastric tube to administering medications and so on.

Much like dance, each skill requires step-by-step directions on how exactly it is to be performed. I started to recognise the steps in each process as a dance choreography, incorporating set steps and combination of movements.

Through dancing, I figured that learning a clinical skill is like learning a new piece of choreography –

“…it takes time and practice, but it only sets us up to succeed on the floor.”

The best advice that I would give to anyone embarking or wishing to embark upon a degree in nursing is:

  • immerse yourself in your learning with an open mind
  • get involved in everything on offer and embrace every opportunity presented to you
  • be willing to have your horizons broadened, find new areas of interest and go down a different route than you otherwise planned
  • above all, take good care of your physical and mental well-beingThe best thing you can do for your future self is to look after your present self.

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