5 tips for future student midwives


If you’re an aspiring midwifery student, believe in yourself!

Final year Bachelor of Midwifery student Betty has some sage advice if you’re thinking about the midwife life.

1. Believe in yourself, be kind to yourself and take every opportunity you are given


You will be amazed at the things you will learn and will be able to do throughout the course.

2. Make sure you make time for a life outside of uni, despite all the things you will have going on


You need to fill yourself up with self-care, activities and hobbies, joy and fulfilling friendships if you are going to be able to dedicatedly care for women and babies.

3. Always say ‘yes’ while you’re out on placement


It’s better to try something out as a student than suddenly being a midwife having to do something without guidance.

4. Ask all the questions that you think of


Midwives have an incredible wealth of wisdom and knowledge and are quick and keen to help you.

5. Check in with yourself


On your worst days, remember why you are here, remember what a privilege this job is and how special and valuable you are, and the difference you are able to make.

Find out more about studying midwifery at UTS

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