Midwifery and making the change

Jenny-greenWritten by Jenny Green, current UTS Bachelor of Midwifery student

I’m originally from the UK and moved to Australia with my husband nearly eight years ago when I was pregnant with my first child.

I have been lucky enough to enjoy a successful and varied career, originally as a dancer and then more extensively in television production management.  Over recent years and particularly since becoming a mother, my focus and goals shifted and I was no longer fulfilled working in the corporate environment.

Coming from a family of health care professionals – my mother was a nurse, my father a GP and my sister a clinical psychologist – I have always been interested in the health care profession.

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I first discovered my passion for Midwifery during my pregnancy with my first child.  The care I received and the whole experience for me was life changing in so many ways – as it is for all women.  At first I thought it was just a “baby phase” but 7 years later the passion was still there.  It was when I was working in a projects and operations role with my youngest child close to starting school, that I decided to apply for the course.

I needed to make the change!


It has been many years since I have studied, and never at this level, and I was concerned about my abilities to be able to succeed academically.  With the support from lecturers and fellow students, I am beginning to believe in myself and my abilities and my confidence has definitely grown. Being a small cohort, we are able to to get to know each other, providing each other with much needed support during those challenging times throughout the year.


For me, the most rewarding element of the course is the clinical placement and in particular, the continuity of care experience.  This experience is the whole reason why I have chosen this path to becoming a midwife.

Being able to experience and participate firsthand in the wonder of pregnancy and birth is indescribable; it is such a privilege to be a part of. In fulfilling this compulsory element of the course, we are able to develop professional and rewarding relationships with women and their families, and by doing so, provide valuable support to them throughout their pregnancy, birth and the early postnatal period.



Becoming a mother and experiencing pregnancy, birth and early motherhood has definitely helped me in my journey into midwifery.  If nothing more it was my personal journey that opened my eyes to my future career and has allowed me to develop a level of empathy during my training.

Also, for me, my previous workplace experience has allowed me to develop confidence, communication skills, time management among other skills, all of which have helped prepare for my studies and chosen career in midwifery.

Studying with a young family provides its challenges, and I am still finding new ways to manage this.  Learning to be present and find time for “self” amidst the busy times of study, placement and family life is challenging, however this is something that I am committed to and will continue to develop throughout my studies and beyond.


First and foremost, I’m looking forward to successfully completing this degree and becoming a midwife.  Working with women and their families and truly making a difference to their experience of care is paramount for me and I’m excited for my future career.

I’m also quite sure that I will look on to post graduate studies in the future.  Studying for me has opened my mind and my heart and I look forward to discovering where further studies can take me, potentially combing my existing management and operational experience with midwifery knowledge, to truly make a difference.



Believe in yourself and do it!

The course is extremely competitive and I was told that it was quite likely that I would not be accepted on the course.  However, if you don’t try you simply won’t know – and that was certainly the case for me!

My advice for future students embarking on this degree is to immerse yourself in your studies with good planning and an open mind.  Midwifery is such a rewarding and important career, but it is also a career that requires genuine passion and dedication.

Be kind to yourself, it is not always easy, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Find out more about midwifery at UTS

One thought on “Midwifery and making the change

  1. What a super account, Jenny. Your enthusiasm and commitment shines through and I am certain you’ll make the sort of empathic practitioner every mother would want to have to care for her.


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