Welcome To The Real World. The Life of a New Grad Midwife

Written by Amanda Rehayem, a 2014 graduate of the Bachelor of Midwifery at UTS and now Registered Midwife.


What is this new grad business?

Throughout my 3 years as a midwifery student Ifound myself learning immensely through the incredible practical and
theoretical components at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Although as it turns out, nothing compares to
the learning curveball that gets pitched your way as you sprint into your new
grad year as a freshly and squeaky clean (badge, uniform and stethoscope
shining… and clean amniotic fluid free shoes) REGISTERED MIDWIFE (*crowd


Eligibility for new grad

Your new grad year is a 12 month full time, or in some cases part time Transition to Professional Practice paid position. It involves a spoon full of hard work, a cup full of dedication and definitely a jug of a whole lot of learning (and add a few glasses of resilience while you’re there).

In order to be eligible for this program you must be finishing your Bachelor of Midwifery on time with registration prior to the commencement of the program (beginning or midyear depending on the hospital). You must complete an application online and select your hospital preferences, and if you are eligible you will be offered an interview. From this interview the graduates who are successful will be offered positions at a single hospital (at times not their first preference)… and so the fun begins!

Top 5 tips for a successful new grad interview:

1.    Learn your theory! Know your knowledge! Especially surrounding obstetric emergencies, infant feeding, communication skills, when to escalate a concern and interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary collaboration.

2.    Execute your excellent interpersonal skills… YES (*tick*)

3.    Be on time. First impressions count!

4.    Dress appropriately, it’s a professional interview.

5.    Finally… unravel your love and passion for what you do… this is what will drive you!

Getting a taste for the hospital

As a newly registered midwife (depending on your
hospital) you will rotate between: delivery suite, the post-natal ward, special
care nursery and the antenatal clinic, providing full midwifery care to your
wonderfully blessed women and infants.

As a new grad you no longer need to engrave that “SM” after every record of documentation… you can write (or at times scribble) that “RM” with pride and joy! You amplify and exercise (with absolute conviction) the Holy ANMAC competency standards you learnt throughout your degree!

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